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Altering Trends In Modern Bathroom Vanity Color

The bathroom is one of the prime corners of your house needs a makeover with time to be able to go well with the interiors of other parts of your house like the kitchen, living room, or the bedroom. Over the years the styles of bathroom vanity have undergone a lot of changes altering the whole concept of an ideal bathroom. Modern bathrooms are termed as personal sanctuaries where people can relax and have their pampering moments. They are no longer a mere utility space. There are a lot of options available in bathroom design. The bathroom elements such as modern cabinets and vanities are more customized now and modern bathroom design tends to focus on the functionality aspect while retaining the aesthetic objects. 

What to remember 

Always get in touch with an experienced professional when you consider remodeling your bathroom. Professionals can give you useful tips about the best quality bathroom vanities that suits the layout of your bathroom and complement the whole style. If you are looking for the installation of Custom cabinets in Broward, you can trust us. We deal in all kinds of bathroom cabinets and vanities in the South Florida region.

Trends are ever-changing but here we like to look at a few of the bathroom cabinets and vanity colors which are gaining popularity among home dwellers. 

  • The preference is for white, ebony and gray vanity trends

Color is a primary consideration while opting for modern cabinets and vanities for your bathroom. Being neutral colors, white, ebony and gray  go well with almost all the styles. White will give a bigger look to your bathroom. A light white countertop will be a great match to ebony-colored bathroom vanity. What is important is that these colors are long-lasting and in the future, if you like to repaint your bathroom walls, they will still be relevant to the theme. When it comes to other colors, they are a bit complicated to work with and in the future might affect the resale value of your home.

Grays and silvers leave a cooler feeling and add more style to your bathroom space. If you are finalizing vanity colors for your bathroom it is a good idea that you must paint the rest of the elements such as lighting mirrors, hardware, etc. This will reflect a harmonious look to your bathroom. 

  • Open shelving 

People prefer an open shelving concept as it instantly brings a spa-like atmosphere and makes your place look luxurious. It creates a warm and friendly environment. Also, it gives a larger look to your space. Nowadays the trend is towards an open shelf at the bottom of the vanity. Alternatively, you can think of adding an open shelf to the bathroom walls. This is perfect for a farmhouse style bathroom décor. 

  • Vessel sinks 

A stone vessel sinks which often combine miscellaneous objects. This adds extra fun to the whole bathroom décor. They are more popular in female restrooms. Once they are installed, they become the central point of the whole bathroom. 

  • Open bottom vanities 

Gone are the days when bathroom bottom vanities used to be closed ones. Now they are kept open and this gives a spacious and clutter-free look to your bathroom. If flooring remains the same, then make sure the color of your tiles matches the vanity. 

  • Floating vanities

This trend is widely seen in commercial places like the restaurants and now slowly graduating to the home also. One benefit of this trend is that you can easily adjust the height. You can well utilize the open space if you have a small bathroom. They come with a sleek design, nothing less than a piece of art. 

  • Undermount sinks 

The old fashioned over mounted sinks are no longer in the picture as they invite more dirt and look outdated. Undermount sinks give a fresh feeling to the bathroom vanity apart from giving it a modern look. The easiness with which they can be cleaned is another reason for their popularity. 

  • Modern sinks are made from marble and quartz 

Laminated or granite sinks are out of fashion these days. Marble or quartz sinks reflect a brighter look adding a lighter and freshness feeling to space. This style goes well with all the rest of the vanity colors. Granite gives a dark and heavy feeling. Marbles come with numerous designs and offer smoothness to the structure and spread an overall cool atmosphere to the area. 

  • Brushed nickel hardware 

For hardware vanities like the mirrors and light fixturesthe preference is always on brushed nickel. Chrome finish comes in the second. They complement the cooler tones which are usually chosen for vanity colors or the tile flooring. Their beauty never fades away. Bronze and gold are not long-lasting, and people have stopped using them. 

  • Minimalistic design 

Even if you introduce minor changes in your bathroom vanity, it will create the magic.  The bathroom has limited space and hence the less is more concept is well applied here. A heavy design will make this place look unorganized and messy and affect the overall theme of your bathroom. 

Final thoughts 

Remodeling of your bathroom involves a lot of adjustments like changing the plumbing pipes and other fixtures and fittings. If you are planning to install modern cabinets and vanities in your bathroom it is important to choose the right agency for this. 

We are a construction and remodeling company serving the South Florida region for a long time and have accomplished many projects. You can trust us for all your custom cabinets and vanity requirements any time. 

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