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How To Renovate Bathrooms To Increase Home’s Value?

Bathroom is a place where one relaxes his/her mind after coming from a tiring day. After kitchens, bathroom is important place that buyers look for while buying home. A boring and outdated bathroom can decrease the value of your home. So, its important to give your bathroom an appealing look so as to attract buyers. 

Now, the question is how one can renovate bathroom in order to increase the value of their home. In order to get the answer of this question, let’s go through this guide. Happy Reading!

What Needs to be Done?

In this step, you need to identify whether you need few changes in your bathroom or want to install basin, shower, tiles etc. In case, if you don’t have enough budget to renovate the entire bathroom then you can simply change the taps, shower head, toilet seat etc. Why? Since, changing these things can transform the look of your bathroom and make it appear refreshing and new like before. However, a fresh coating of quality paint is highly recommended too. However, ensure to choose the best interior designers and decorators since it’s a matter of your bathroom and of course, you don’t want to waste your money at any cost. 

Picking the Right Layout and Design 

Bathrooms, no doubt, are small spaces however the reality is that they have big value at the time of selling the house. Make sure to consider the below given questions:

  • Is there enough space for moving between toilet seat and sink?
  • Where to hang the towels?
  • Does the bathroom have cabinets and vanity for storing things?

Its important to think about the usability of design as well as how you can simply enhance it. On the off chance, if you wish to change the existing bathroom layout then be ready for additional charges for rearranging the plumbing etc. 

After the selection of layout, think about your bathroom look you wish to have. Majority of home buyers, these days desire a modern and clean design. Even, if entire house is outdated, then a modern bathroom can increase the value of your property. 

Which Fixtures and Fittings are Best?

No doubt, you will like to go for cheap fixtures as well as fittings that are on sale, but its important to think about its quality too. Since, buyers can easily observe the difference. Try to choose the fittings that have reasonable range and the one that are of high quality. 

Storage, no doubt, is imperative in bathroom too, so if selecting the vanity ensure it has many drawers as well as cupboards. Why? To give your bathroom an organized look! Remember interiors of your bathroom complement interior doors and moldings for a better look. 

Stand Out for Added Value

If you can easily add something that can transform your bathroom appearance then one thing is sure that you can attract large number of buyers to your house. Think of lights around a mirror, normal shower, good ventilation unit, good flooring etc. – “Just think out of the box!

There are few ways by which you can add value to the space without going out of budget:

  • Re-grouting tiles
  • Using fresh bathmat for hiding worn tiles
  • Add fresh coating of paint 
  • Replacing old mirror
  • Adding cabinets or vanity

Wrap Up

Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide and it helped you in knowing more about how a renovated bathroom can improve the value of your complete house. All these small changes have the power for creating an enhanced bathroom look as well as for adding value instantly. But, keep in mind room by room design too while renovating the bathroom space. 

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